Welcome to Elbigenalp!

The culture and carving village in the Lechtal

The "Duarf", as the community of Elbigenalp is affectionately called by the Lechtalers, is located at 1040 m above sea level and forms the main village of the Lechtal with its settlements in Unter- and Obergiblen, as well as Kögeln and the hamlet of Grünau. In the meantime, it should be known beyond Tyrol's borders that the community of Elbigenalp is considered the cultural stronghold of the Lechtal, if not of the entire Ausserfern. The birthplace of the Geierwally, attracts thousands of visitors every year to the open-air stage in the Bernhardsschlucht gorge. As the former vacation resort of Queen Mother Mary of Bavaria, the community of Elbigenalp is also known as a carving village.